Alana _ Kittychan (sugercat) wrote in cat_lovers_club,
Alana _ Kittychan

second post here

Ah it's been awhile has it not?

And thus I apear even through I am really buzy with school and life, to thee little club for lovers of cats!

Mmmm.. I maybe should change some rules to get more people to jion this club?

well if your new here I serjust that you write about your pet cat or (if you don't have a pet cat) write about what kinds of cats you like and what about cats you like best!

for example I own a black cat with whitee paws, Whiskers, and tummy and has a white spot on her chest! she has golden yellow eyes that she alway has them looking big and huge at you as if to say "Huh what are you staring like THat at me for?"

What I like about cats best is they are very useful when it comes to bed time or when you are feeling lonely they will come and sit in your lap or on your feet and keep you compery and keep you feet warm!(you'll never need a hot water bottle agin! X3)

well that's it from me!
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