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Crazy little cat story

This is a litle old kitty cat story I did a LONG time agro and I'm thinking it would go better here 

please do coment to tell me what you think! 

Type your cut contents here.This is my story of what cats do when we aren't watching so don't take the credit for it hope you like it! From SugerCat!^-~*

We are now in a cozy little room, a girl with long purple hair step into the room!

Girl: "Sam, Snowball, Sally, Paws, breakfasts!"

Five cats come running into the room, one black cat with four white paws purrs next to the girl's legs.

Girl: "hey, Paws wait a minute, you'll get your food in a sec"

Paws: "meow"

A boy with blue eyes and brown hair comes into the room.

Boy: "hey, Kitty. I see you've got your hands full with Paws"

Kitty: "could you give me a hand, Ken?"

Ken: "ok"

A big white fluffy cat gulps his food down greedily

Ken: "Snowball, you greedy cat eat your food slowly will ya."

Snowball looks at ken then goes back to his food. A sameness cat and a rag doll come up to kitty.

Both: "Meow, Meow"

Kitty puts a bowl in front of the sameness.

Kitty: "ok Sam here's your food"

Sam: "purr"

Rag-doll: "Meow, Meow"

Ken: "ok, Sally your foods coming"

Ken puts some cat food in front of Sally.

Sally: "Meow" She eats her food.

Kitty: "Finished"

Ken: "hey kitty, do you want to go to the park"

Kitty: "ok, lets go"

They leave the house. All the cat finish eating, Paws jumps up onto the couch and looks out the window.

Sally:(in a sweet voices) "are they gone?"

Paws:( in a girlish voice) "yep, their gone"

Sam:(in a Boyish voice) " great now we can raid the fridge for Fanta and all other goodies"

Snowball:(in a funny man like voice) "Let Party"

All the cat have a party, they raid the fridge.

Paws: " CAT"S RULE"

Sam: "Say it Sister"

Snowball: " FANTA FOR ALL"

Sally: "lets play some Music!"

Paws jump up to the radio and it plays some cool tunes.

Paws: "give it me baby"

Sam: "uh hu, uh hu"

Sally: "give it to me baby"

Snowball: "uh hu, uh hu"

Paws dinks five bottles of fanta!

Paws: "hehehehe, this is Great!"

Sam: "O, NO, She's gone crazy again from too much Fanta"

All the cats: "Hahahahahaha, Silly PAWS"


Snowball: "Paws you silly thing"

Paws: "heeheeheeheehee"

Sally looks out the window.

Sally: "Guys they're coming home, we must clean up this mess!"

All the cats senrter and clean the house, all that is exited Paws.

Sam: "quick before they're home."

Snowball: "poor Paws can't stop acting crazy because of all that Fanta"

Sally: "o, don't worry about that they just think that's normal, she all ways acting like that"

They finally finished cleaning the house, just as Kitty and Ken walk into the room!

Kitty: "what a lovely day it was today"

All the cats come up to Kitty and Ken and starts purring around their legs.

Ken: "did you miss us guys?"

Paws run around the house.

Kitty: "That cat, she always find the most peculiar way to show off!"

Ken: "Yep, that's Paws"


I know this story is a litle silly it was one of my frist ^^;
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