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Cat Lovers Journal!

Where Cats Rules X3

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About this Community!

Well this Community is for those of you who loves Cats!

This is so all Kitty cats can have the spot light for a change insted of the dog
(It's not like we hate dogs or anything it's just that cats keep getting forgotton or hated and we wish for that to stop!)

Anyway the rules!

ONE= You MUST like cats

TWO= You can't do anything rude here!

THREE= Play nice with everone else!

FOUR= when you join say hi to everone and tell them why you like cats!

FIVE= you Can post quizzes here as long as they are about cats, But you have to put them Behind a Lj cuts!

SiX= ANYthing No smutt or Nudity! Please!((BUT if you Really MUST/want to then put those BEHIND a LJ cut and put up a waring so noone gets upset ok))

SEVEN= No fighting! If you have a problem with anyone tell me or any of the other mods and we'll try to fix the problem in a calm, nice way.

EIGHT= Please put Huge big pictures behind Lj cuts and Please accept everyone for who they are because we're all unique in this world. Bothering people is not nice...

ok that's the rules!

Oh oh and you can do pics, Icons, Fanart and Fanfics on here as long as there's a cat in it! Because this commuunity was Made so follow Lj Cat fans from all over the world could come here to make friends with other cat fans, To talk about cats, to write storys about them and to do art of them!*smiles*

well I hope you guys injoy yourself here! ^_^